Clear Vs TSA Precheck

Clear vs TSA Precheck Which Program is the Best

Clear vs TSA Precheck Which Program is the Best

You can go through airport security more quickly with both TSA PreCheck and Clear. Which is better, though?

Here’s a comparison of TSA PreCheck vs. Clear’s advantages, requirements, and costs to help you determine which will work best for you and perhaps even if you should get both. Additionally, discover all the ways to acquire one (or both).

What is the Clear Program

A far smarter and safer linked environment is created for all of its participants through the CLEAR initiative, which makes use of biometrics. The service is offered at a number of stadiums and airports across the country and lets you enter the security lines more quickly for a more convenient travel experience.

Members may skip lengthy security lines and get to a TSA screening point more quickly by using Clear machines, which use biometric data to identify people rather than physically examining picture identification. However, TSA PreCheck’s membership services are different from Clear.

If you have PreCheck, you can proceed straight to the PreCheck lane after passing through a Clear kiosk (ahead of other passengers waiting in line); if not, you must go through the usual screening queue (also ahead of other passengers waiting in line). Saving time is Clear’s main advantage. This implies that you should apply for TSA PreCheck if you value not having to take off your shoes, devices, liquids, and outerwear.

Clear could be worthwhile on its own if all you want to do is skip the line but don’t mind taking off your clothes and going through a body scanner.

Contrary to TSA PreCheck, Clear is only offered at a small number of domestic airports. Stadiums and other locations where there is a security line-up provide Clear as well. Before entering the security lane, members scan their iris or fingerprint in a quicker queue.

What is a TSA Precheck

TSA PreCheck is a government program that enables people traveling, who have been termed as low-risk by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, to pass through an improved security checkpoint at selected U.S. airports. This kind of checking usually takes less than ten minutes.

TSA PreCheck is a U.S. government initiative that grants its low-risk flying travelers access to a specific security checkpoint experience at airports.

TSA PreCheck travelers enjoy benefits that range from shorter queues, fewer wardrobe changes, to less thorough security checks, and other advantages.

Although the TSA PreCheck application can be started online, it is still necessary to do a face-to-face appointment for the background check and fingerprinting. The program has had more than 10 million active participants since its inception As of 2021.

Between Clear and TSA precheck Which is Better.

TSA PreCheck is better compared to clear since it is accessible at more airports and offers shortened security lines and simpler screening. Only the quicker security lanes are available to Clear members. Even if TSA PreCheck is not available, members of Clear must still take off their shoes, devices, drinks, and outerwear

TSA PreCheck and Clear don’t have to be mutually exclusive choices, though, you can have both. Many TSA PreCheck members like having Clear since it speeds up passing through the occasionally long TSA PreCheck line in most airports.

Still, the easiest way to go to the airside without wasting time in lineups is still TSA PreCheck. The only true benefit of having Clear alone without TSA PreCheck is that it will get you closer to the head of the queue.

For a variety of reasons, not all residents of the United States will be granted TSA PreCheck. These reasons include issues with a background check. If that describes you, Clear alone may be beneficial if you often fly out of an airport with Clear lanes.

Difference Between Clear and TSA Precheck

The main difference between TSA PreCheck and Clear is summed up into this three sections.

Avoiding Rather Than Shortening Lines at Security

TSA PreCheck enables you to bypass and avoid a long security line and go through less strenuous screening procedures (such as not having to take off your clothes). Instead of standing in line, you approach a Clear kiosk, where your ID and boarding pass are checked using biometric technology, allowing you to totally avoid the security queue. After that brief procedure is over, a Clear agent leads the way to the front of security. No waiting is necessary.


TSA PreCheck is only $78 for five years.
While Clear costs $189 a year.

Type of Organization in Charge

Clear is owned by a private corporation.
Unlike TSA PreCheck, which is a government initiative.

It is important to note that no one program takes the place of another. They work best together as complements to each other.

Many regular travelers believe it is better to be a member of both programs, since not all airports provide TSA PreCheck and Clear. This raises the chances of quicker and more pleasant airport encounters.

Fortunately, there are numerous credit cards that fully cover the cost of both programs, enabling you to receive both advantages for no out-of-pocket expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clear Need Monthly Payment?

Your credit card will be automatically charged $189 for a 12-month premium subscription after the initial two free months, which is the full yearly amount for members. After your two-month trial, you may cancel Clear at any time before your account is scheduled to renew at no extra charge if you’re not happy with it.

If I had Booked my Flight Before my Precheck and Clear Expired, but the Flight Took Place After my Precheck Expired, Would I Receive TSA PreCheck Screening Treatment?

No, you will not receive TSA PreCheck or Clear treatment on your boarding pass if your PreCheck or Clear has expired. You must renew before expiration to continue receiving TSA PreCheck whenever you board.


The best choice for regular travelers is TSA PreCheck. However, You will be in a better position if you can apply for and afford TSA PreCheck as well as Clear. Why spend time waiting in line when you should be on your way going to the gate or a relaxing airport lounge?

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