How to Become a Disney Travel Agents

How to Become a Disney Travel Agents

How to Become a Disney Travel Agents

Disney travel agents are people who help people to book their trips to Disney and then earn commissions. Booking a vacation through a Disney travel agent benefits the passenger, and Disney reimburses the agency with a commission. You will receive a percentage of the revenue since the agency negotiates the commission split with the agents.

Steps to Becoming a Disney Travel Agent

You first have to join a licensed travel agency that is registered with Disney as a travel agent in order to become a specialized Disney travel agent. One of the simplest agencies to join online is MainStreet Travel. They are one of the best agencies for this as they usually get you started with training the same day and prepared for booking within 24-48 hours.

They have been training agents for more than ten years and are a Disney-approved agency. Their program is very simple to join, has helpful team managers and supervisors, and, most importantly, pays commissions on the stipulated time.

Joining an agency like MainStreet requires little to no prior experience. This is so that you receive complete training after you have been enrolled.
You just need to have the passion to plan Disney holidays as a “talent.” Little knowledge of sales and customer support is usually advantageous.
If a new agent has previously taken a trip to a Disney resort or on a cruise, it is by far the largest asset that can help you. If you’ve ever needed to return repeatedly, then this job is meant for you.

When it comes to booking, you will always have to appear and act professionally, so you’ll want to make sure you have a professional space to go.

Make sure you always have access to the internet, a phone, and a computer. The majority of your bookings and reservations will be made online through sites like Instagram, Facebook, or email. It is crucial to be able to respond to them even while you are busy. Additionally, you’ll need a designated workstation for when you will begin. Whether at home or in an office, it is preferable to train and book in a calm setting. Booking a client’s trip when your dog is barking or your children are assaulting you with pillows is not a good idea.

Don’t forget to sharpen your communication abilities as well. Even though the majority of bookings are made in person, some customers prefer to have conversations with you over the phone, so be prepared.

Some visitors may contact you knowing exactly what they want to book, while others won’t know anything and will depend on your knowledge to arrange a memorable trip for them. You’ll succeed best if you are prepared for everything said above.

Here are the steps broken down for easier understanding

  • Choose a good travel agency to work with
    Set up your marketing plan and strategy
  • Apply for any host agency, especially if you want to work independently
  • Attracts high-taste clients that can pay well to yourself
  • Do all you can to keep the best clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Free to Become a Disney Travel Agent

The Disney College of Knowledge is both free and open to everyone. You don’t have to pay a travel agent to use DTA college. Online courses offered by the College of Knowledge can get you up to speed and completely equipped on all the Disney locations and offers.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Disney travel Agent?

There are very many benefits a Disney travel agent stands to gain, but here are a few
free cruises, cheap hotel rooms, and free passes to amusement parks at absolutely no cost.

  • Your schedule will be in your hands and your movements will be detected by you.
  • Most agents have remote work options.
  • On every successful booking or reservation, you’ll receive a commission.

How Long do Disney Travel Agents Put in Each Day for Work?

Many travel agencies demand that their employees devote 40 or more hours a week or more to their jobs in order to start earning highly and making a living from it.

In Addition to Walt Disney World, What Other Disney Holiday Packages can Travel Agencies Book for Their Clients?

  • Travel agencies may make reservations for a variety of Disney experiences and get commissions for them, from the all-inclusive vacation packages to Disneyland and even down to Walt Disney World tickets.
  • Travel agents may also make reservations for trips on the Disney Cruise Line and other Disney excursions abroad for hotels like Aulani and the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Last but not least, Adventures by Disney offers comprehensive domestic and international family holiday packages.

Is it Possible for me to Work for Disney on my Own?

You must become a travel agent in order to arrange travel for other people, and Disney travel agents are no exception. And to become a Disney travel agent, you must have a license. Because of this, you cannot become a travel agent on your own, but after joining forces with a host agency, you are permitted to use their license.

However, not all host agencies are the same. Some demand that you go through drawn-out procedures in order to join up and become a travel agency.

Once I become a Disney Travel Agent, do I Have to Work for Walt Disney World Alone?

Once you are certified and licensed, you don’t have to book only Disney trips, you can make bookings anywhere.

How are Disney Travel Agents Paid?

Once a booking is made and confirmed, Disney pays ten percent of the pay to the agency and the agency gives the agent who made the booking a cut. However, if you are an independent agent, you get the whole ten percent.


Becoming a travel agent is a great opportunity to enjoy all the benefits that accompany being a Disney agent alongside making huge money. One such benefit is a visit to Disney World yourself. This article has listed out simple and eady to follow steps in how to become a Disney travel agent.

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