how much do travel agent make

Travel Agents Salary: How Much do Travel Agents Make

Travel Agents Salary: How Much do Travel Agents Make

Who are Travel Agents

Travel agents are individuals who plan trips or vacations on behalf of a traveler for a fee. Their work cuts across finding the best vacation spot, booking flight tickets, advising the travelers on what to do, booking accommodations and advising on fun activities around each destination recommended.

It is an exciting work to become a travel agent, as you will virtually has access to most of these vacation spots, meet new people, go places etc. A travel agent might decide to work independently as a freelancer or work for a travel agency.

A travel agent generally advices his clients on the best fun activities they could partake in if the clients major reason for traveling is for vacation. He will be in charge of booking tickets to any of the recreational activities the client might want to engage in.

How to Become a Travel Agent

There are series of steps and Requirements you need in order to succeed as a travel agent. In general, you don’t need any formal education or academic qualifications to become a travel agent. Though there are some schools now that providing courses for aspiring travel agents; example the Alogonquin College which offers a diploma program for Hospitality and Tourism.

To begin with, you will need to make a decision if you’re starting out as a full business which will require incorporating and an office space or you want to start as a freelancer which you can operate right at the comfort of your living room.

The choice is yours, depending on what you choose will determine the paperwork and documentation needed to get you started. But as a freelance travel agent, you won’t need much paper work to begin. A business card, a website plus an advert is mostly what you need to get started.

Once you start out, you should focus more on building a good client base and a good relationship with your past clients is what will give you good reviews and future referrals.

How much do Travel Agents Make

The amount of money made by travel agents depends on their location. Most travel agents works for travel agencies and their pay will be greatly influenced by the agency they are working for. Because of this, even though they might be working within the same location, their earnings will be different when compared to independent travel agents.

Travel Agents Salary in the U.S

In the United States of America, travel agents is a good paying job anyone with who loves helping people will like to do naturally. The average salary of a travel agent in the United States is around $28,000 – $70,000. An entry level agent will earn lower as compared to an experienced professional travel agent.

Travel Agents Salary in the UK

The United Kingdom has proven to be one of the best traveler’s destination when it comes to vacation, tourism or discovering new places. This makes travel agent’s job so important. The average salary for a travel agent working in the United Kingdom is about £26,000 per year.

Though a much experienced travel agent in the United Kingdom makes around £40,000 per year. The salary structure is mostly influenced by your work ratings and experience in the field.

Travel Agents Salary in Germay

Travel agent’s salary in Germany is also high. As a travel agent, you can make a decent earning of you are operating in Germany either as a freelancer or working for a travel agency. The average salary of a travel agent in Germany is around €29,000 per year. But a more experienced travel agent can make more than this in a year

Travel Agents Salary in Canada

Canada which has recently become a home for skilled immigrants also undoubtedly has a high level of salary and earnings for travel agents all round the country.

On average, a travel agent in Canada makes an average of $33,000 per year. Experienced travel agents also earns more in Canada at about $42,000 per year.

As mentioned earlier, you can see that the salary of a travel agent is greatly determined by the location and the level of services provided by the agent.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much does Disney Travel Agents Make?

All Disney travel agents are entitled to a 10% commission per successful referral. The agents will collect the full 10% payment if he’s working independently.

Is it Hard to be a Travel Agent?

At first when you are starting out, it might seem hard as you have not mastered the art of the business. But as time passes, you will find it a lot easier to perform this role.

What is a Travel Agent Salary in UK?

In advanced countries where tourism is very high, travel agents makes cool cash from travelers. On average in the UK, a travel agent makes about £25,000 per year.

Is There a High Demand of Travel Agents?

The answer is yes. According to statistics from Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, the trade is expected to experience a growth of 20 percent from 2021 – 3031. This shows that the demand for travel agents will increase rapidly in the years to come.


Travel agent is a very decent and high paying job, if you have a good customer base, high customer ratings and good referrals, you will be successful in this niche. This article has outlined all the requirements needed to become a travel agent and the amount of money made by travel agents for their services.

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