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5 Hostels In Seattle With Prices

5 Hostels In Seattle With Prices

Seattle happens to be the biggest city in Washington. Fondly called the Emerald City and also a favorite among nature lovers and wanderlusters as it is surrounded by thick green forests and beautiful mountain view.

If you are planning on staying a while in Seattle and you’re on a budget, then the last place you should consider staying is the Hotels as they are an expensive option for budget travelers.

Affordable lodging can be found in any of the numerous hostels spread throughout the city. This list narrows down five of the best and affordable hotels you can spend your time in Seattle.

1. HI Seattle at the American Hotel

Ranked by numerous online reviews as the best hostels in Seattle, this hostel should be your first option. If you want a location that is cheap, comfortable and in the heart of town with access to railways, ferries, bus stops and bike rental services. It is also the perfect hostel for backpackers. Prices from €48.

2. Green Tortoise Hostel

Another traveler’s favorite is located on Pike Street. Located right opposite the popular Pike Public Market and residents get to sleep at night with the public market sign reflecting it’s glow on their windows.

It is sighted very close to tourist hubs like museums, art galleries, best coffee and snack shops around town. You get to spend your nights on cosy dorm beds starting from €49.

3. HotelHotel Hostel

Although the name can sound somewhat confusing, HotelHotel is one of the best budget hostels in Seattle and remains a favorite among backpackers.

You get free breakfast, free WiFi, lockers to secure your personal effects, cheap dorm beds in clean and neat rooms. It is also surrounded by bars and restaurants in one of the most lively parts of the city and is situated just 5.19km away from the city center with amazing rooms starting from as little as €4 per night.

4. City Hostel Seattle

This is notably one of the best hostels for solo travelers heading into Seattle.

With history dating as far back as the 1920s, this hostel plays an active role in the art and cultural scene of Seattle. No wonder, art lovers are streaming to book for their stay at City Hostel as it plays host to lots of renowned local artists.

You get comfortable accomodation with free breakfast, free WiFi and luggage lockers starting from €67.

5. Moore Hotel

This falls in the category of best hostels with private rooms where you have privacy and more space to yourself. It features ban on-site restaurant and bar which means you don’t have to go through the stress of heading out in search of a place to have a meal.

It offers you an affordable home away from home experience while being situated a stone’s throw away from choice museums, bars and several other typical tourist attractions and prices start from €85.


Before you book a hostel accommodation, consider how close they are to attractions and the city center. If you are looking for some peace and quiet away from the noise of the city center, then consider hostels located in places like Queen Anne or it’s environs.

Some of the main reasons you would to visit Seattle include The Pike Public Market, the 605 feet tall Space Needle, The Seahawks Football Team, a division of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Boeing Jet Factory, beautiful Islands and three busy airports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Part of Seattle is Cheapest to Live in?

Some of the most budget-friendly locations in Seattle include Greenwood, South Park, Columbia City, Pinehurst and Madrona.

How Safe are Hostels in Seattle?

Generally, hostels in Seattle have security on their premises and are located in safe areas.

How do I Find Hostels in Seattle?

You can easily choose hostels that best suits your needs and preferences by searching on Hostelworld.

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40 Helpful Tips For Backpacking Through Europe

40 Helpful Tips For Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking happens to be one of the many things that travelers are interested in undertaking especially people seeking for adventure. For those who may not be in the know, backpacking is a kind of travel which involves traveling with all of your necessities in a backpack during a trip while moving from place to place.

However, backpacking is not as easy as it seems and there are so many variables to take into consideration for a smooth and enjoyable backpacking experience.

This article should serve as a guide for anyone interested in making their quest for their quest for backpacking through Europe a success.

1. Get a Backpack

This should be at the top of your travel checklist. A strong, roomy, compartmentalized and comfortable backpack with sturdy and adjustable straps is your best bet.

2. Choose your Destination

It’s unwise to get on the road without properly deciding on all the places you want to visit while on your trip. If you’re on a tight budget, then think of exploring budget-friendly locations and stick to those.

3. Book your Flight

Getting a plane ticket early enough will save you stress and money. Research for the cheaper options when it comes to airfare.

4. Look for Cheap Accomodations

The goal of backpacking is actually the chance of saving some money while traveling. Cheap lodging is recommended if you are looking at saving some coins. Instead of regular hotels, you can opt for Airbnb’s, couch surfing, house-sitting and even outdoor camping.

5. Check Travel Documents

Ensure all your travel documents including your passport, ID, Visas and even plane ticket are all intact. It’s best to conduct a comprehensive research of all documents required for travelers in your preferred destination.

6. Travel Light

Since you’ll be moving around with a backpack, it’s best to pack only the necessary items you’ll be needing during your trip to avoid having too much of a backache.

7. Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a must especially if you are traveling to Europe from a different continent. Insurance is a lifesaver for situations like accidents, illness, misplaced or stolen items.

8. Carpooling

Carpooling with the locals can help you save a lot of money that you would have to spend when trying to get around in your location.

9. Renting a Ride

Renting a ride is also another cheap alternative to help you get around.

10. Train Travel

This is still by far the cheapest form of public transport in most parts of Europe and it saves the backpacker a lot of coins.

11. Travel with a Refillable Water Bottle

That way, you can easily access free water from fountains which happen to be everywhere I Europe rather than spending money on bottled water.

12. Learn Popular Phrases

Learn some of the popular key phrases in the local dialect of you are backpacking to a place where you don’t speak the language. It’ll help you in making purchases or finding your way if you get lost. You can write out the commonest sentences on paper for ease.

13. Local Dishes

Eating local dishes will save you a lot of money.

14. Free Food

Enjoy free food by eating the samples at farmers markets which are always free.

15. Opt for the Countrysides

Opt for the countrysides if you want to save more money as being stuck in the city results in spending more money than you planned.

16. Visit Museums

Visit museums and tourist attractions on free days. If you’re in Italy for instance, The Vatican museum offers free entry on September 27 commemorating world tourism day.

17. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes if you are going to do some walking around.

18. Shop Operating Times

Be aware that in so many European destinations, shops and supermarkets are all closed on Sundays so plan accordingly.

19. Take your Time

There are a lot of picturesque places to see in Europe so don’t be in a rush but let the beauty of each location you visit soak in.

20. Ease Yourself at Restaurants

Most locations in Europe require that you pay to use the public restrooms so always ease yourself whenever you are at the restaurant, mall or museum.

21. Enjoy Free Events

There are a lot of free events happening in Europe almost every other day, so if you are a concert lover, look up what’s happening around you and pull up.

22. Enjoy Night Life

Europe is fun on a whole different dimension during the wee hours of the night as so many destinations are famous for the bubbling night life.

23. The beach is a great spot for the relaxation of the typical backpacker.

24. Avoid traveling to a location during it’s peak season to avoid any unnecessary price hikes.

25. Sometimes, it’s fun to allow yourself get lost and wander off into new places. You’d be amazed at what you stumble upon.

26. Ensure to travel with a guidebook.

27. A high speed data plan for your phone for your phone and laptop will do you a lot of good during your backpacking adventure.

28. Never trust public WiFi especially if you are going to enter your credit card information.

29. Sadly, not everyplace is as safe as you’d assume, avoid giving away the fact that you are a tourist at all locations.

30. To avoid long queues at museums and other tourist attractions, arrive at least two hours before closing time.

31. Go hiking and stretch those beautiful legs.

32. Spend your money only on the things you enjoy not on what’s popular.

33. A picnic at the local park is loads of fun.

34. Purchase your bus tickets before you get on board. Never attempt to sneak in and out.

35. Be wary of tourist scams.

36. Avoid showing off any expensive possessions that you may have on you. Items including smartphones, jewelry,etc.

37. Never take your eyes off your backpack.

38. Keep photocopies of your travel documents just in case you lose the originals.

39. Padlocking your backpack decreases chances of losing items inside.

40. Making new friends while on a journey is among one of the best memories for the traveler.


Backpacking through Europe is supposed to be super fun and less expensive and stressful once you follow all the tips that apply to you and your destination. Apart from cutting down your budget considerably, backpacking gives you the freedom to live in the edge and see the world on your terms.

Frequntly Asked Questions

Is it safe to backpack through Europe?

Europe is considered very safe as a continent and very accessible to tourists as cities and countries are well linked.

How much money do you need to backpack through Europe?

Depending on where you are traveling from and the part of Europe you intend to visit, make an average daily budget of $150 to $200.

Where do you sleep for free when backpacking through Europe?

A free night’s rest can be gotten in train stations, 24 hour bars and restaurants and camping outdoors.