Belize Safety

Belize Safety: How Safe to Travel to Belize

Belize Safety: How Safe to Travel to Belize

Belize is an amazing country in Central America. It is full of tourism sites and a very good location for travelers and those in need of vacations. Belize is notable for its gang activities and violent crimes, because of this, there are many concerns when it comes to the safety of this country for visitors. This article will discuss the basic things visitors need to do and the things they need to avoid for a safe stay in the country.

Things to do and Avoid While in Belize

Below are the things each visitor in Belize needs to avoid or do in order to be safe and enjoy his/her stay in the country. 

Avoid Wearing Flashy Things

This is one of the mistakes most visitors make while in Belize or any other country for that matter. Petty thieves are on the rise in Belize, avoid drawing attention to yourself by wearing flashy items. It is advisable to always blend in.

Be Very Alert while in the Crowd

Self-awareness is key to navigating your way out of crowds without getting robbed. Be very cautious when you are in crowds, ensure your valuables are secure while in tourist areas.  

Avoid Visiting Isolated Areas

Never visit isolated areas, if it’s a tourist site, ensure you visit when there are crowds as it will reduce the chance of you getting robbed.

Don’t Take Bus at Night

Never take buses at night. It is advisable to take taxis with green license plates. To be much safer, you can have your accommodation management call a taxi for you.

Avoid Drugs

Avoid drugs by all means when you are in this country, because the penalty is very harsh in Belize and you are risking a possible jail time.

Get Travel Insurance

It is a good idea to get travel insurance anywhere you are traveling to. This insurance will protect you in the event of any injury, illness or theft. It is a great investment which can save you lots of money in the future.

Stick to Belize City

It is a good idea to stay in Belize city, as this is the biggest city in the country. This city is relatively safe and you will be okay if you don’t wander far off from the city area. This is mostly because gangs have taken over local areas and those parts of the country are not safe for visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Belize Safe for Female Travelers?

It is always advisable to always go in crowds when you want to visit tourist sites or stay in the city areas to avoid being mugged.

Is Street Food Safe in Belize?

Yes. Belize food is very safe to eat, there are lots of delicious tropical fruits, fresh seafood and Caribbean cuisines.


It is a known fact that Belize is not a very safe country for travelers and visitors. If you follow these safety tips while staying in Belize, the risk of getting robbed or being a victim of violent crime, will be greatly reduced.

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