How to Plan a Trip

Step by Step Guide on How to Plan a Trip

Step by Step Guide on How to Plan a Trip

The thought of having to plan an entire trip by yourself can give you quite a scare or even overwhelm and discourage you especially if it’s your first time doing so. Organizing and planning an amazing trip that goes your way can be easier than you’d imagine if you know exactly where to look and what to do.

Below are steps you should take to plan a trip:

1. Decide On Where You Want To Go

The very first step to planning any trip is deciding on a destination that you are heading to. Picking a destination depends on your reasons for travel. Making research on locations that suit your needs and budget is always a first step in the right direction.

2. Check Out Travel Advisories of Your Preferred Destination

The travel advisory website is where you’ll get all the relevant information on every requirement needed to travel to your preferred destination including travel documents, visas, vaccinations, security, local laws for visitors among other things.

3. Decide on How Long You Wish to Stay

To help you figure out how much money your trip will take from you, the next step to take is to plan on the length of your trip to help you with budgeting for accommodations, feeding, etc while on the trip.

4. Count the Cost and Start Saving Up

Having decided on your location and length of stay, the next step is planning on how much money you’ll have to spend to see your trip through.

Determine the cost of flight tickets, bus passes or whatever means of transportation you’ll need, the daily cost of accommodations, restaurants, activities and attractions then multiply these by the number of days you wish to stay. That way you know how much money you need to put away for your trip.

5. Buy Travel Insurance

Things can go terribly wrong during a trip even though nobody ever wishes for it, which is all the more reason why you need to purchase your travel insurance to cover you when traveling.

This insurance suffices for when you fall ill while traveling, if your flight gets delayed or canceled as well as for lost, damaged or stolen items.

6. Book Your Flight

Take your time and research on cheaper flight options and book in advance to avoid any last minute surprises. Also, endeavor to read all about the policies of your preferred airline pertaining to luggages, children and pets to avoid encountering inconveniences at the airport. Best platforms to help you find cheap flights are Skyscanner and Google flights.

7. Book Your Accommodations

It’s best to book at least your first night so you can have a place to lay your head and keep your bags when arriving at your destination. Travel experts recommend booking for an entire stay if your trip does not exceed two weeks. To find the best prices on accommodations, try searching for places using Hostelworld, Airbnb or

8. Draft an Itinerary

To avoid any surprises or spending out of pocket, ensure proper budgeting is carried out and an itinerary prepped beforehand of all the things you want to do and see throughout the duration of your trip. Booking for attractions and activities before you leave the house always seems like a sure way to secure tickets as well as saving some coins.

9. Bill Payments

Automate bill payments while you’re gone, cancel phone any internet plans if you’ll be heading out over a long period of time.

10. Pack Your Bags

To prevent over packing or forgetting essentials at home, make a checklist of what you’ll need and stuff your bags according to what’s on that list. Apart from the clothes you’ll wear during your trip, items you shouldn’t fail to pack include: first aid kit, travel chargers, travel documents, towels, water bottle, toothbrush, medication and credit cards.


Once every step on this list has been carried out, ensure to double check for anything you may have missed, make photocopies and digital copies of important travel documents just in case you lose originals. Lastly, take a deep breath and head out to the airport, board your flight and go see the world on your own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the things you should do to prepare you for your trip?

Top four things you shouldn’t miss before traveling are: ensuring your boarding pass is intact, securing your passport on your person, filling your prescriptions and getting all of your travel documents in your carry-on.

What is a travel checklist?

Your travel checklist is a list of items you shouldn’t forget when packing for a trip as they are either difficult or impossible to replace such as your cell phone, boarding pass, hotel reservations, wallet, etc.

Hostel in London

15 Best Hotels To Stay In London

15 Best Hotels To Stay In London

With so much rich history and heritage, London is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities you can visit. Being home to some of the biggest tourist attractions in the world including The Buckingham palace, The House of Lords & House of Commons, The Tower of London, The Thames river and one of the world’s busiest airports.

There’s also popular art galleries, hard hitting grime music and home to the world’s most popular football league.

Below are fifteen minutes wonderful places you can stay when in London:

Shangri-La The Shard, London
With hundreds of thousands of online reviews from happy customers, this hotel happens to be one of the most incredible places you can spend spend your time and money on when in London. It comprises of 18 floors with well furnished suites, a restaurant that knows it’s onions, a pool, a lounge and a spa.

2. The Soho Hotel
Located a little distance away from Oxford street, the Soho is a home away from home for thousands of tourists who flock to London. There are fully air-conditioned rooms with mini-bars, there’s also a spa and restaurant services. This luxury hotel offers you a taste of comfort mixed with royal treatment.

3. The Bedford, Balham
Located five minutes away from Balham station, this boutique hotel which comprises of 15 tastefully furnished bedrooms equipped with bathtubs and some of the most picture worthy wall and outdoor decor. You get to be treated to good music and comedy live performances during your stay here. Rooms starting from £130 per night.

4. The Connaught
Located in Mayfair, this luxury hotel comprises of glamorous and classy rooms complete with premium concierge services and affords you that kingly treatment you desire, serving you high end mouthwatering meals washed down with world-class vintage.

5. The Dorchester Hotel
Beautifully positioned to overlook the famous Hyde Park is another Mayfair hotel located close to hotspots like Oxford street and Marble Arch offers you comfortable and spacious bedrooms, French restaurant and barbecue services, fitness and relaxation centers and an on-site bar serving the best wines and spirits.

6. The Ritz Hotel, London
Reputable for serving customers with deluxe and luxury accomodations and hospitality services, rooms consist of beautiful furniture depicting the style of the previous centuries, it also features the famous Michelin star Ritz Restaurant with meals prepared solely from fresh farm picked ingredients, drink up at the Rivoli bar and gamble at the Ritz club casino if you’re feeling lucky.

7. Claridge’s Hotel
This five star luxury hotel located in the heart of London, consists of exquisite and tastefully furnished guestrooms in a theme similar to that of the 1930s. Enjoy over 50 different blends of tea with freshly made biscuits and cookies.

8. CitizenM London Bankside, South Bank
This is a highly digitalized and beautifully positioned hotel situated behind South Bank and a little distance away from the Borough Market. Each room is fully furnished with king-sized beds, stocked with books and apple computers with rooms starting from £140 per night.

9. New Road Hotel, Whitechapel
Sited in what was once a textile company New Road Hotel is styled with brick walls and windows with metal frames and each room is furnished with king-sized beds, there’s a hot tub and a classic restaurant where you can enjoy a good meal with a view of the tower of London.

10. The Exhibitionist Hotel
Positioned opposite the Natural History Museum, this boutique hotel located in the middle of South Kensington is also a neighbor to Knightsbridge, the Science museum, the Albert Hall among others giving anyone who’s on an adventure the ease of accessing these attractions.

11. The Rockwell, Kensington
Another beautiful location to lodge for anyone who would love to explore attractions is The Rockwell hotel in West London.

Fashioned after the Victorian times style, this hotel is situated close to popular museums and features a restaurant running 24/7.

12. The Pilgrim, Paddington
Sited just across the Paddington station, built in the style prevalent in the Victorian era, this hotel serves as a spot where you can embrace the comfort of the past while enjoying the luxury of the present.

13. W Hotel London, Leicester Square
In the midst of Leicester Square, this hotel comes fully furnished with spacious and classy bedrooms, flat screen tvs, live music events at the bar, large windows ensuring that the rooms are well-lit, massage services at the spa and is just a few minutes’ walk down to Chinatown and Oxford street.

14. Twenty Nevern Square Hotel
If you are looking for a boutique hotel with a touch of luxury, the perfect hotel for you is the Twenty Nevern Square Hotel. Built during Victorian times, rooms come with four-post beds, marble floors and ceilings, premium room service, a lounge and marble floors and ceilings, premium room service and lounge, you can easily hop on a train for the brief trip to the Thames.

15. Motel One London- Tower Hill
This is a stylish designer hotel with low cost lodging that offers you a beautiful get away experience in a location close to main tourist attractions like the tower of London. This is a beautiful budget-friendly option with a touch of luxury.


London happens to be among one of the beautiful and sought-after destination for travellers and students as it is embedded with rich history, arts, music, sports and so much more. It has some of the most beautiful tourist attractions and hotels built in the style of centuries past which makes it perfect for any adventurous traveler.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Area in London to Stay in?

Based on your reasons for travel, that’s what impacts your location of choice. If you’re looking for tourist attractions; Westminster and the South Bank and if you’re on family vacation, then Kensington works best.

What’s the Best Hotel in London for Couples?

Some of the best hotels for romantic getaways by couples include; The Hilton, The milestone hotel & Residences and Shangri-La The Shard.