Top 10 Best Hotels in Amsterdam

Top 10 Best Hotels in Amsterdam

If you are planning on taking a trip to Amsterdam which unarguably falls in the category of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, filled with stunning architecture, extraordinary canals and beautiful scenery dotted with numerous tourist attractions, then the list of locations in this article will interest you.

This list contains some of the best budget and luxury hotels you will find in Amsterdam.

1. Hotel Pulitzer

Beautifully positioned in the buzzing part of Amsterdam, Hotel Pulitzer stands firm amidst canals and bears history from as far back as the 17th century.

You can treat yourself to a sumptuous meal at the hotel’s classic restaurant, have a swim in one of the hotel swimming pools, take a walk while smelling the roses in the well tended garden overlooking the canals or cruise in the hotel’s boat which happens to be the very same canal boat that Sir Winston Churchill once boarded.

2. CitizenM Schiphol Airport Hotel

Located in Schiphol, Amsterdam, CitizenM serves as one of the best and closest airport hotels in the area and is perfect for travelers landing in Schiphol as it’s just a matter of minutes to trek over to the hotel.

With friendly and hospitable staff, this airport hotel offers you value for your money as each guest room is equipped with bouncy and comfortable beds to afford you a good night’s rest after a long tiring flight, affordable meals are available all round the clock alongside reliable and safe WiFi connection and the typical home away from home scenery. Bookings start from £106 per night.

3. Hotel De L’Europe

Established as far back as 1896, this high end luxury hotel overlooks the beautiful Amstel River, adjacent to the Huys as well as other tourist attractions being neighbors. De L’Europe prides itself as one of Amsterdam’s finest hotels with rooms fancied after the beautiful and ancient Dutch style and mixed with modern day technology, there’s also some exquisite food to indulge in at the outdoor dining area.

4. YAYS Salt House Canal

This is an out-of-the-way relaxation spot sited close to the Western Docks. It was once upon a time the location of a salt factory in the past four centuries hence, the inclusion in the hotel’s name.

Apartments starting from £126 are well furnished and attended to by inviting and friendly staff who all happen to be locals. Although it has history dating all the way down to the 17th century, it is well equipped with modern facilities.

5. The Hoxton, Amsterdam

Built on one of Amsterdam’s many canals, The Hoxton is home to spacious, comfortable rooms with king-sized beds, comes with a 24/7 restaurant service, a lounge that plays host to myriads of guests, and has a touch of the old and the new beautifully blended to give you the typical out of this world vibe you’d expect from a hotel that charges from £220 per person, per night.

6. W, Amsterdam

Made of two separate buildings – a 1906 defunct bank building and a 1920 telephone exchange company building, W offers you all the space you’d need accompanied by class, glamour and style. What’s more? This iconic establishment is right next to the Royal Palace.

Housing up to 238 rooms and 28 suites, two restaurants, you can also relax on the rooftop lounge after a toe-wrinkling swim on Amsterdam’s first rooftop swimming pool, this hotel is perfect for your ideal vacation, honeymoon or adventure and costs about £300 per night.

7. Hotel TwentySeven

If you are looking at escaping the busy city life and embracing privacy, luxury, comfort, peace and quiet all in one spot, then opt for the glamorous Hotel TwentySeven made of 16 tastefully furnished suites expertly decorated with sofas, foreign carpets and curtains.

Get treated to a variety of intercontinental dishes at the all-star restaurants cooked to perfection by internationally trained master chefs. Lodging starts from £435 per night.

8. Hotel Estheréa

This happens to be one of the most welcoming and well organized family-run hotels in Amsterdam, serving you some of the most out of this world kind of breakfast in the city and intentionally designed to exude that warm, welcoming, homely charm that guests expect and deserve with rooms from £164 per night.

9. Sofitel Legend Hotel The Grand

Rooted in the heart of town, this grand hotel dates as far back as the 15th century where it was once a convent, becoming it was turned to host the City Hall and finally transformed into the hotel.

There’s a total of 178 exquisite guest rooms to choose from, with each unique in style and thereby perfect even for old souls as it presents both ancient and modern day decor and glam.

Sofitel Legend Hotel The Grand comes with an award-winning restaurant serving both local and international dishes on the menu, enormous garden space and friendly welcoming staff at the customer’s beck and call.

10. Conservatorium Hotel

Exuding glamour, luxury and royalty, this very hotel is housed by a 19th century building but still bridges the gap by offering the aesthetics of modern day hotels via decor in each of the 129 rooms and suites up to the deluxe rooms.

It is located in Amsterdam’s fashion street while the Van Gogh is just a few blocks away from this eight-floor edifice.

The Conservatorium comes clean with a restaurant set in the moods of an Asian restaurant, a spa and a pool area, state-of-the-art technology framework and friendly staff to serve you throughout your stay.


Before lodging at any of the hotels in our list, ensure to compare the prices that are adequate for your budget & purpose of travel, scour the internet for deals to help you save money. Most importantly, stick to what works for you depending on whether you are there for the canals, the tourist attractions, the fashion or just the rare opportunity to get pampered and treated to high end hospitality service the Amsterdam way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Some of the Best Hotels in Amsterdam for Families?

Some of the best hotels for anyone traveling with family are Hotel The Craftsmen and Waldorf Astoria, Amsterdam based on a myriad of reviews from satisfied guests.

Which Part of Amsterdam is Best to Stay?

The Centrum is the best part for anyone traveling to Amsterdam especially for tourism and sightseeing. Famous as Amsterdam’s Canal Belt, it is home to so many popular tourist attractions like The Royal Palace, the Red Lights District, Dam Square among others.

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