Cheap Places for Vacation

50 Cheap Places for Vacation

50 Cheapest Places for Vacation

Vacation is the period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation. This article will list out the best cheapest places for vacation to travelers.

Cheap Places for Vacation are Listed Below

1. Hanoi, Vietnam

This place is regarded as the cheapest place to travel for vacation, because of their cultural hub filled with museum.

2. Pattaya, Thailand

People go for vacation to Thailand, because of their beautiful beaches.

3. Phuket, Thailand

This is a cheap place for vacation, it has a beautiful mountain, lush rainforest and pristine beaches around them.

4. Krabi, Thailand

This place is surrounded by beautiful limestones, most people go there to take pictures for their social media post Instagram.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Most beautiful place to travel to for vacation, and the world best bargain vacation, which have the cheapest food price and is affordable accommodation.

6. Delhi, India

The world cheapest place for vacation with and estimate of 30.7million inhabitant living in the metropolitan area.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

This is known as the rich cities in the word but still regarded as one of the cheapest place to travel to during vacations. This place is known for their cheap food, hotel and beverage.

8. Antalya, Turkey

Another cheapest place for vacation and is known for it beaches and old Harbor, with beautiful blue waters .

9. Cairo, Egypt

Most luckiest cheap place to travel, with beautiful museums and mosques.

10. Rio de janeiro, Brazil

This place is known through out the world for its incredible beaches, night life and most affordable place to visit.

11. St Petersburg, Russia

St Petersburg is one of the best place to visit. This place is filled with lots of museum, churches and historical site.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This place is popular because of their petronas tower, and the tallest twin skyscraper in the world.

13. Mexico City, Mexico

This is the cheapest place to travel in North America, with world class museum, architecture and historical site.

14. Lima , Peru

This place speak to every traveler’s budget in terms of food, beverage and hotel.

15. Hurghada, Egypt

Another cheapest place to travel for vacation. This resort town is known for its night life, restaurant and it’s old town.

16. Cancun, Mexico

It has warm weather, sandy beaches, fantastic night life and super cheap hotel.

17. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Muslim are mostly found here, it has the most sacred shrine in all the Islam

18. Playa de Carmen, Mexico

Famous for its incredible sandy beaches and also its thriving coral reef.

19. Osaka, Japan

This city is famous for its popular entertainment district, universal studios and museum.

20. Prague, Czech republic

It is Known for its cheap beer price, affordable hotel and reasonable meal price.

21. Marrakech, Morocco

This is a city with an important economic and cultural nature and wildlife tours are very popular in the city.

22. Kiev, Ukraine

This is one of the most important cultural, educational and industrial hubs in the eastern religion. Packed with beautiful churches, history and architecture.

23. Seoul,South Korea

This is known as the world top culture and economic hubs.

24. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This is one of the cheapest place to travel to for vacation. It is known for its spectacular Sandy beaches, very affordable pricing and turquoise water.

25. Sapporo, Japan

Known across the outside world for it’s beer and most affordable travel destination.

26. Budapest, Hungary

This place is full with the cheapest vacation ideas. Food, beverage and hotel prices are very cheap in this country.

27. Fukuoka, Japan

It is known for its beaches, and is a popular destination for shopping.

28. Taipei, Taiwan

This is an incredible place for night market and tons of street food, popular destination to travel.

29. Moscow, Russian

Most time is spent in visiting the red square and the Kremlin in this location.

30. Porto, Portugal

One of the cheapest place to travel in the world, because of its majestic bridge, cobbled street and Porto-wine.

31. Tokyo, Japan

This is another cheapest place to travel in the world. Tokyo is one of the hottest tourist destination in the world.

32. Johannesburg, South Africa

Popular things known in the place is the visitation of Apartheid museum, checking out the cradle of human kind and enjoying the nature of Safari.

33. Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Bustling of waterfront attract travelers of all types. Architecture lovers and religion travelers enjoyed the So Noor mosque and Sharjah museum.

34. Athens, Greece

This is the birthplace of the western culture and filled with the most amazing historical and cultural site.

35. Cape Town, South Africa

This place has a beautiful seaside filled with fun things to do.

36. Kyoto, Japan

Known for its beautiful traditional wooden houses, Buddhist temple and imperial palaces.

37. Guangzhou, China

This is a popular destination for tourist of all stripes.

38. Medina, Saudi Arabia

This is the place for another important mosque. Muslim began their prayers first in Mecca before heading to Jerusalem.

39. Krakow, Poland

This city is famous for it’s medieval center which is well preserved.

40. Heraklion, Greece

This is a resort areas where families come to enjoy the beaches.

41. Macau, Macau

This is the area which is featured with mix of cultural influence and taste.

42. Beijing, China

This is a city which offer excellent blend of ancient and modern sites.

43. Sharm El_Sheik, Egypt

Clear water and sandy beaches make this place a spot to sit and relax.

44. Bangkok, Thailand

Cheapest place to travel to, known for its night life and entertainment, including the religion sites.

45. Laos, Asia

This place is know as the most beautiful waterfall destination in the world, and its awesome tiger balm massage.

46. Sri Lanka, Asia

This is another cheap place were food, transport accommodation are relatively cheap.

47. Nepal, Asia

Is famous for its cheap price of food, accommodation and transportation fere

48. Croatia, Europe

This place are full of islands and enough beaches surrounding it.

49. Latvia, Europe

This place is best to visit during winter or fall. It also have forests and castles hidden in them.

50. Nicaragua, America

This is the best place of surfing, volcano hiking and diving.


This article have outlined the cheapest places around the world one can visit for vacations. Keep following this website for more like this.

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