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How Much Does it Cost to Apply TSA Precheck, Does it Worth it?

How Much Does it Cost to Apply TSA Precheck, Does it Worth it?

When planning to take a flight, travel time is not just the time duration to get to your destination. There are inconvenient long term procedures to follow in the airport for security, check in lines, bag drop off lines, customs and the transportation security administration line.

So to reduce flight delays and long lines at the airport, travelers get to acquire TSA PreCheck to save some time for them. An incredible numbers of travelers have turned to TSA PreCheck to make their travelling process faster, easier and getting the TSA Precheck as a new applicant will cost around 78 US dollars, while renewal will cost about 70 US dollars.

What Travelers Needs to Know

Check out what all travelers need to know about TSA PreCheck program below;

  • What is TSA PreCheck
  • What is the cost for TSA PreCheck and does it worth the cost
  • How to apply for TSA PreCheck
  • How long does the TSA PreCheck application procedures takes
  • When does TSA PreCheck expire
  • How much does TSA PreCheck cost to renew
  • How TSA PreCheck works and how to use it.

What is TSA PreCheck?

TSA PreCheck is a program organize by the Transportation Security Administrations (TSA) toa allow expedited passage through airport security. Travellers who are interested in a TSA PreCheck must pass through a pre-approval process to identify them as low risk travelers.

These approval travelers are granted access to a separate TSA PreCheck lane at airport security and may undergo a less-thorough physical checking.

What is the Cost for TSA PreCheck and Does it Worth the Cost? 

TSA PreCheck initial application comes with an non refundable fee of $78 when applying for it. It’s also non refundable to applicants whose applications are being denied, meaning that the fees covers the operational cost of the background check as according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Does TSA PreCheck Worth the Cost? 

Ninety two percent (92℅) of TSA PreCheck users says that the cost of the program is worth it for the time they save via shorter lines and expedited security procedures, and according tos sixtyfive percent (65℅) of TSA PreCheck users, they would be willing to pay more than the current cost to remain enrolled in the program.

Although, travelers do not definitely need the TSA PreCheck to travel, but those who travel more than a couple of times in a year may find it very useful and worthy.

TSA PreCheck is worth it cost for some reason like:

  • Travelers do not need to remove their shoes, belts, light jacket or laptop from their bags when going through the security line.
  • Take to consideration that, TSA PreCheck allows a five years membership and cost a few of $78 which is less than $16 a year.

How to Apply for TSA PreCheck

Applying for TSA PreCheck and receiving approval will take some time. Travelers who are willing to enroll in TSA PreCheck can begin the application process on the Department of Homeland Security’s website and also, it can involves scheduling an in person registration at one of the TSA enrollment centers which can be found using Department of homeland Security website under enrollment centre locator tool.

During interview, the applicant will have to provide some needed documents and will be fingerprinted for a background check proceed which does not include ID card as document.

How TSA PreCheck Works and How to Use it.

As a TSA PreCheck member, enter you’re to enter your Known Traveler Number when booking a flight. During this process, the boarding passes will display a TSA PreCheck indicator meaning that you are enrolled in TSA PreCheck services. Travelers can use a tool on the TSA website to know if a PreCheck lane will be available when he or she arrives at airport security. In case the

PreCheck lane is not available, the PreCheck indicator can still be presented at security to go through un expedited screening in a standard lane. Beware that the TSA PreCheck does not change the guard restrictions on what is permitted to bring on a flight.

In advance, 200 airports offer TSA Precheck. However, there are pros and cons of TSA Precheck just like every other things. Below are what you need to know before deciding to
obtain TSA Precheck.


You Can Skip Long Lines

This is one of the TSA Precheck benefits. You get to skip long lines and enter the significantly shorter line, as long as it’s noted on your boarding pass. This is a big advantage for families heading off on a family vacation. Family trips are supposed to be fun and relaxing

It’s Low Cost

It’s true that screening through a regular security line is free forevery trip. It’s also true that people won’t want to shell out more money on top of their regular travel expenses, but paying for TSA Precheck can be well worth it.

For five years, you’ll get ease of access at the airport, get access to short lines and quick checks for only $78.


It’s More Intense

TSA Precheck requires applicants to go through a background check and fingerprinting to be in
the program. If you’re a type of person who’s very private or had some things in your past which you would rather keep hidden, then applying for TSA Precheck may not be approve for you.

It’s Not Everywhere

TSA Precheck is only available in 200 airports nationwide. So if you applied and paid for your enrollment without checking if your regular airports offer TSA Precheck, then you may not just get to use the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does TSA PreCheck Expire?

A TSA PreCheck is only valid for five years, but travelers will be notified to renew about six months before the expiring date.

How much does it cost to renew TSA PreCheck ?
This cost varies depending on the method of renewal. Recently, the TSA dropped the renewal fee to $70 for members who complete the process online while, the standard fee of $85 is still charged for members who renew in person at an enrollment center.

How Long Does the TSA PreCheck Application Procedures Takes? 

Most TSA PreCheck applicant’s receive their Known Traveler Number (KTN) in about 3 to 5 days. KTN is nine digital mixture of numbers and letters code needed for special identification. Some application can take more more couple of days.


Precheck is actually worth its cost based on the user’s and most especially the convenience it creates for travelers in airports. It’s advantages far outweigh the cost of acquiring it.

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