Lake of jellyfish

The Ultimate Travel Guide to the Lake of Jellyfish

The Ultimate Travel Guide to the Lake of Jellyfish

Located in Koror, Palau which is an island on the Southern Pacific, sometimes overshadowed by more tourists flocking to neighboring Bora Bora plays host to the jellyfish lake which has a swarm of about a million harmless jellyfish living in it.

Although it could be initially unnerving for one to consider the thought of swimming in a lake teeming with almost a million jellyfish, it is actually nothing to worry about as the jellyfish in the lake have no use for their stingers making it completely safe to swim with them and even touch them.

Below is a complete guide for a traveler intending to visit the jellyfish lake:

Book Your Flight

The first thing to consider if you are interested in visiting the lake of Jellyfish is to get your plane tickets ready.

A flight that is landing at Roman Tmetuchl International Airport, Palau is what you need to book as it is the closest airport to Koror where the lake is actually located.

Your flight must however depart from either of these destinations: Manila (Philippines), Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea) or Taipei (Taiwan).

Get Your Travel Documents Ready

Ensure that your Visas, travel permits, ID and everything else you need to travel with are all intact before making your trip.

Book An Accomodation

Getting a hotel or hostel where you will stay during your trip is equally very important and thankfully, there are a lot of cheap hotels and hostels to lodge during your adventure.
The best hotels in the area include: The Palau Royal Resort, Palau Central Hotel and Palau Caroline’s Resort.

If you are on a budget, researching the cheapest options is actually the best idea. You can see cheap hotels here

Purchase Travel Insurance

This is a smart move to make as travel insurance insurance will help bail you out of any undesirable unforseen circumstance you may run into during your trip.

Get Your Tour Ticket

All travelers should be aware that swimming with the jellyfish is definitely not free. Once you have arrived Palau, you need to purchase what is called “The Palau Jellyfish Lake and Rock Islands Permit” which costs about a $100 for a pass valid for 10 days.

Your hotel will fix you in on one of the tour groups where you get to enjoy activities like snorkeling, kayaking and finally diving with the beautiful inhabitants of the lake – the Jellyfish.

Get some swimming gear to kit up in when you are ready to dive with the jellyfish. But if you don’t want to buy your own gear, you can easily rent with dive companies in Palau. A cheap diving shop is operated in Ms. Pintree’s hostel.


The Lake of Jellyfish is one of Palau’s biggest attractions if not the biggest which means you should expect to see a crowd don’t be scared to have fun among the residents of the lake as they are harmless, beautiful and exude a glow that lights up the dark water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to swim with the jellyfish?

Short answer, yes, the jellyfish in the lake are mainly two; Golden jellyfish and Moon jellyfish both of which are harmless making it completely safe to swim with them.

Is sunscreen allowed when swimming with the jellyfish?

You can only apply eco-friendly sunscreen when you are intending to swim with the jellyfish as any sunscreen with harsh chemical ingredients is toxic to the jellyfish in the lake.

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